Terms of Service

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Use of Donation Keys

Your Patreon and pernament donation keys are part of your Patreon benefits. As long you remain an active patron, your patron key will still work. Once you terminate your pledge, you will lose access to donor benefits in Hachidori and Shukofukurou. The only exceptions are the pernament keys, which you will automatically receive after the lifetime pledge reaches $10.

You may not do the following:

  • Share your Patreon License key to someone else

Abuse of donation licenses will lead to the key being revoked. You are only entitled one Patreon License Key and one pernament license key for each program we develop.

Privacy Policy

In order to enable you to use this website with Patreon services, we save certain functionally important Patreon information about you in this website if you log in with Patreon.

These include your Patreon member id, your first, last names, and pledge information.

If you request that your data be deleted from this website, this data will also be deleted and Patreon functionality will not work. You would need to register on this website and log in to this website with Patreon again in order to re-populate this data and have Patreon functionality working again.

To request data removal, send an email to ateliershiori@moyit.pro. Note that once the data is removed, you won't be able to use this app or retrieve any licenses.

When you use a Patreon license in Hachidori and Shukofukurou, only the licence's name and key is transmitted for license validation.